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today I did shopping, got some food, cleaning stuff, etc... enough to last... I also got a universal remote since all my remotes are back at the rents. And wouldn't you know it, I was down to deciding between 2 remotes, and the one I chose didn't come with batteries...

Hooked up my speakers, so I can listen to nice loud music again...

Rodimus came by and delivered my subwoofer... we tested that out again... Ahhhhhh, bass.. then they were going out shopping, and I needed batteries, so we left.. stopped for gas and a paper, looked thru the sales... braved the crowds at Best Buy.. I got my batteries and a $5 usb netcam, he got cam, 7 dvds, and a cd... went to microcenter, saw the same cam in a "pro" version for only $15... went elsewhere... ended up at J.Alexander's for dinner... the supertarget for my second time today... finally home..

It was getting DAMN cold... I'm glad I invested in the garage, it'll be easier to get up in the morning....

I've been laundering my work clothes, chatting, and setting up my ftp server for friends....

It's about time I crashed, though.. once this current load is through washing, I'll put it in the dryer and... hopefully drop into a nice deep sleep until my alarm goes off... We'll see.

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