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Was supposed to go to a big meeting for work. Rodimus and I go out in the pissing cold rainy weather to the meeting, only to find out it was canceled due to a scheduling conflict with the room it was going to be in. So we both headed home instead.

I took a nap.

Got up, had dinner, then headed out for some DDR. Was good. I didn't find my tokens before I left, so I got a few more when I got there.... Then didn't end up paying for any of the games. Heh. Saw a few people I knew, and some who were awed my my uber leet status or something. I was off - way off. Evidently, I thought I was going for Great Attack or something. It was bad. Ah well, it was amusing.

Now, though, my foot hurts. Guess I overdid it a bit.

Looks like sleep soon, maybe a little vegging and FFTA first though.

I'm hoping to get through a bit of the pile tomorrow. We'll see.

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