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Awake early again. I'm already showered and breakfasted. Bleh.

I'm not feeling so well this morning, I suspect my stomach is having issues because I ate the whole bag of fajitas last night. It was satisfying at the time, but now... Bleh.

RedneckNinja called last night, and was coherent and sober, if tired.

I did manage to get a little bit done last night, despite taking a nap. The logic/motivation chain went something like: Need to check the mail. Dumpster is on the way to the mailbox. The only trash ready to be taken is a little bag in the kitchen. Not really worth the trip, but there are piles of crap everywhere. If I can get a bit of the pile out of the way, it'll be progress and I won't waste the trip.

So I did. Got rid of two big bags from my insurance company of promo freebie crap. My old license plate included. And then moved on to some old magazines that were lying around loose... Oh, and there were some padded envelopes that I'd kept to use for... something... and never did. This all inspired me to think about the contents of some of the boxes I have lying around, and the fact that I really don't need to save a bunch of that crap.

Then I got distracted by the phone and chatting, so didn't dive in to anything else.

Been trying to take more time to play FFTA. I accidentally hit the next major plot point, and then realized that it allowed for a third law to be in effect - no thanks, reset/reload. Luckily I didn't save again after it. I was amazed that I was able to get through it, as it entails a solo fight against a pretty powerful opponent. Even though I'm taking it slowly plot-wise and making sure to keep some low level characters around to balance my higher level ones, the combats are getting more difficult rather quickly. The last battle I did before I crashed featured some abilities I hadn't seen before, like doublecast. It wasn't like I was too worried about being KO'd (it was in one of the lawless areas), but the battle took much longer than usual - and my people took much more damage than usual... I'm thinking it's time to switch some of their classes for balance - some need speed, or magic defense, or attack power, etc.

I suppose I should just head into work now and get that far in my day.

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