Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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Completed my major task for the week before lunch, then headed out to do some shopping. Scored a new feline torture device vacuum, and a computer desk that will hopefully fit in the space and enable both desktops to be active at once.

Went home and assembled the vac, then used it briefly - it's nice. It had a different sound/feel than my old one, but I'm hoping it will do well. It did fare decently against the existing cat hair, so I have hopes. Had lunch, then realized the time, so headed back in.

Will attempt assembly of the desk later, and call it my next step towards getting the living room all organized and such.

For now, have some minor things to take care of at work - reports, lab machine maintenance, etc. Should be able to split at a decent time.

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