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Early Morning Consciousness

Not sure why I'm up, but figured I'd have breakfast while I am.

Didn't do too much last night, chatted a bit... Watched the DDR Project I and III DVD - well, skimmed it really. A few interesting ones, but I really wasn't into most of them - or perhaps it was my mood.

Someone was using their fireplace last night, I was a bit worried when I smelled smoke until I realized it was woodsmoke from a fireplace. Using the fireplace would definitely help the temperature down here - I've got sweats, socks, a flannel, and a blanket on and it's still a bit on the chilly side.

Slay is pretty much saving my sanity the past day or two at work - I've needed something to occupy my mind while tests ran. I was thinking I would have to delay, but it turns out that circumstances made it such that I didn't need to worry about it. I could have completed everything yesterday, but I decided to make good use of the fact I have an extra week - if I can use up another day or two, that'll be good. If I had gotten done yesterday, then my reward would have been someone trying to get me to do more testing or something equally ridiculous. I'm fine with sticking to what I originally committed to, and using the extra time to do maintenance sorts of activities.

I think I'll head back to the warmth of upstairs and my bed.

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