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Down In It

Yeah, I slept way too long after work yesterday... Didn't get much done, although I did take some trash out, get the mail, and look into a few boxes in order to get a feel for the amount of pain involved in going through them.

Ended with some FFTA in bed until I finally forced myself to sleep.

Woke up early and did that whole getting back to sleep just in time for the alarm, and feeling worse for it thing.

I was going to post more last night, but my thought was "No one wants to read about your day" followed by "And by anyone, I mean you." I suppose that's somewhat demonstrative of my mood.

Keep getting a "device out of space" error in ABC.. .strange, since I have something like 25Gigs free on that drive. I rebooted, scandisked, and defragged - and am still getting it. Strange stuff. I keep thinking I should rebuild that machine - perhaps sooner than later. Although, DVcam looks to be in the near future... Just waiting a little longer for things to clear. It's a 3 paycheck month, so that's nice... Perhaps it'll be enough to cover.

There I go again with the Thing Fetish. I really need to discipline myself better about that. I may have to throw out a few boxes of stuff, or sell it - get rid of somehow - before I let myself buy anything more. Perhaps the DVcam if I can get my living room straight; The computer if I finish the kitchen, pantry, and laundry room; Home Theater gear for the bedroom and closet....

That might be enough motivation to get some things done - I'm not sure. In any case, I need to reduce the amount of stuff I have - so I've got to get rid of more than I get. I may end up taking digicam/dvcam/scans of a whole bunch of stuff and then pitching it. It must leave here, and trashing it may not be the most environmentally friendly or cash surplus friendly way to do it - but it may be the only way I won't keep it around for the next 5 years. It's worth more to move with less next time.

I'm seriously considering selling off most of my CDs, as well. I rarely listen to most of them, and many are those cheap CD club pop discs anyway. If I really think about it, most of my VHS can go as well - although some are rare enough to warrant dumping/DVD creation. The DVDs, for the most part, I will keep.. although there are a few I can do without. And, of course, my extensive collection of PC/PSX/DC/PS2 games and such.... I've got really really really old stuff sitting around unused and untouched for years that frankly are more trouble than they're worth. Not to mention the few dozen remaining floppies, wherever they got to.

I've got the focus to accomplish this somewhere, just need to find it and go with it.

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