Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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I slept after work for longer than anticipated. Fielded a few calls, as well. Amazon order arrived already.

Got up, and decided that the catbox and trash needed urgent attention, so took care of those. Continued walking out to the mailbox as well, where I had only One Piece.

Started yet more laundry, then started checking out new discs. The TMBG one is nifty, and I plan to rewatch them all with the commentary on. The BNL vids disc was funky, and kept haiving issues - I wanna go ahead and check that out on my DVD player once it's hooked up. And, of course, Wierd Al is always amusing. Didn't check out the new BNL album or the Joseph Campbell ones yet.

Then I realized it was late, so went to bed. Pretty much a wasted evening. Ah well, perhaps I'll do better tonight, when hunger and lack of food in the place force me out to the store. I was hoping it would be warmer today.

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