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Day One

First day back at work... I was completely dreading it. It was actually rather.... average. could have been much better, could have been much worse. I had 200 some emails, which wasn't bad at all. There were a few surprises, but I managed to keep relatively busy and fill out the day. Probably similar tomorrow, only with less meetings. I forgot my password, as I had just changed it before I left - surprisingly, the reset call into the helldesk was quick (once I got connected to a person).

Hayward's for lunch. Leftover Thai for dinner. Nap after.

Just watching the hockey game and getting more laundry done - I didn't quite get it all last night. Both kitties on the couch with me.

It's freaking cold out there, so I think I'll wait to go to the store - I can last another day at least.

I got curtains up over the weekend, which is nice.... still a whole lot more to do. I've got a rebate to fill out and then I really should start going through boxes and getting rid of stuff one way or another. It's handy having the trash so close - can just wake the quick walk over to dump stuff.

Did a little kitchen organizing earlier, finally got my silverware in a drawer instead of a box - very handy.

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