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I Did Shit

My my, I somehow lit a fire under myself today. Went out to Chinese for lunch, came back, and got to work. I've got some floorspace now in the living room, although there's still a bunch of organizing and unpacking to do - I basically just did some space management, not unpacking much. I did spend quite a bit of time trying to find the rest of my curtains, only to find them in the dryer >_< I decided to wash them again anyways, as there was lingering cat hair still. I did bedclothes, and have another load in atm... I think 2 more loads and I can call it for tonight, even though that leaves all my clothes for tomorrow. I changed my showerhead, so now I've got the tall massage action going on - looking forward to that tomorrow.

Been having lots of cuddle time with Tiger as I wait for laundry to finish, and some passing Enigma love as well.

I'm thinking I should go through what I can and get rid of stuff in whatever manner as I come across it, instead of storing it - if I know I'm not really going to use it in the next year, then it needs to go... This place doesn't have enough storage to really keep much stuff I'm not using around. I kinda feel cramped in here, in fact... It's probably good for me, though. Should help with the motivation to be rid of the excess.

I saw a couple movies in the past few days... Anger Management, which was... meh. I kind of liked the twists, but it reminded me of a weaker version of The Game. And then there was Memento, which I thoroughly got into. Interesting that the same guy was the star in LA Confidential as well.

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