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Took a nap earlier. Got up and somehow out - I think I was hungry. Went to Chinese for lunch. Then I decided to tackle some of the cleaning of the old place. Put in several hours, then decided to take a break. Packed up most of the trash and such, then went to the store. Got food, but forgot cat food. I suppose this means I'll be going out again later for that.

I think I'm gonna have some veg time first, finish off my leftovers for dinner, and watch TV or something. Have some kitty time. Then I'll need to get the catfood and head back to the old place to hopefully finish up the cleaning. I'm going to try to use tape to patch the blinds, as well.

I'm probably going to pitch my vacuum - fucking thing is clogged all to hell, despite the fact I kept unclogging it every few minutes. I'll need something that works better for cat hair, human hair, and feathers (from my pillows). And there's still a few stains in the carpet I'm not sure what to do about - even Spot Shot didn't seem to help. Oh, and the damn melted candy in my bedroom - stupid blow pops. The Swiffer thingy worked pretty well on the floors so far - even though I put the thingy on the wrong way - gotta thank Hunny and Morphine for that handy little thing.

I may try to nap a bit more with the kitties before heading out - I got quite a bit done, so the pressure is off now. Tho I would rather finish tonight and have nothing to do except turn the keys in tomorrow than not go back tonight and have to finish before they close tomorrow.

I forgot my pills this morning, so I'm going to go try to head downstairs and take them before I forget.

Wait, what was I going to do?

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