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One Day Back, And I'm Beat

Lunched with Morphine and Hunny, then went shopping. Of the items on sale, I only found one I was looking for. I was very tempted by the floor model Onkyo receiver one store had on a pretty nice discount, but it was too pricey... I've got other toys on priority atm.

Came back home and decided to nap.

Woke up feeling really awful... Just that whole not enough sleep thing, I think. I polished off the rest of my Chinese and then headed to the old place.

I got all of the items I'm keeping out, save the cleaning supplies. There's a bunch of trash left to collect and cleaning to do, though. Have to start on that today.

Found a bunch of alcohol, and realized I wasn't going to drink it. Called Morphine and Hunny, and took it over to them. Stayed a bit to chat and show pics.

Had an interesting remainder of the evening.

I'm tired, but I should probably keep moving at least a little bit. I must get to the store for food, since I'm pretty much out - luckily I scrounged and found oatmeal for breakfast. Then cleaning. bleh.

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