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Shark Bite Fever

I have scanned so far today approximately 200 photos. There are at least 50 left for my goal - I may or may not make it, I'm really burned out on it. The reward, however, is that the relatives who came over to visit thoroughly enjoyed looking at the ones I'd already done, and want copies.

If I can manage to finish the damn DVD sometime, it'll blow their minds.

Visits weer.. okay. I got a bit annoyed, but made it through.

I think we managed to negotiate a way that I won't have to check a bag through... I'm taking 2 of the coats, and discarding the one I brought. If I can manage to pack those and the rest of my stuff in my carryon, then Haha will ship the rest. I didn't end up taking any of the shoes, since they were all too tight. I still have CDs and such to pack in in the morning, but I roll-packed most of the rest and it's been compressing for part of the day. I think I'll be in good shape.

The weather at home seems to be a bit better than when I left, so that's nice as well.

I was thinking I'd stay up until my flight, but now I'm considering a nap for a few hours at least - not enough to ruin sleeptime on the plane, but enough so that I will be able to make it home in decent shape.

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