Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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Another Night, Another Dream...

Yeah, not much happening really. Some idiot called then hung up last night - at least I was still awake.

Got up, showered, and breakfasted. Was just about to dial in when the phone rang >_<. So I started scanning instead.

I got the stuff done last night that I hoped to, and now I'm trying to slog my way through the rest of this box before I leave. Haha has already queued up a bunch of stuff for after I've left.

Ended up trying on all my clothes, they all work. I'll have to start figuring out how to pack everything in a bit later - I want to get the initial stuff in and start compressing it.

2 separate sets of relatives are coming over, because two of them don't get along. Bleh. But the point is to say goodbye to me, so I don't know how long it's going to drag on.

I. Want. To. Be. Home. Now.

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