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Hockey Rules

Was scanning right up to the moment we left for dinner. Comic book shop didn't have the Transmet I was looking for, but the Sandman collection thingy was tempting. Left without buying though. Did okay at the gathering - football was playing on the tv, so I just sat and vegged to it with others. This, forunately, kept me out of most of the conversation and events. Had pork, with a little bit of mashed potatoes and a roll or two. Mostly pork, though.

Left for the game. We got there just about an hour early, which tunred out to be perfect timing. We got a decent parking space, watched the warm up, etc. The game rocked, and the home team won. Haha also had a good time. Surprisingly, leaving wasn't too bad, considering. They actually have it worked out to flow pretty well.

Now I've pretty much caught up, so back to scanning. I may veg a bit, and I'm sure I'll leave lots of these pics for tomorrow.

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