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It seems the theme every time I come out here is scanning. I scanned about 100 or so images today - everything from birth/death certificates to photos to grade cards to misc other crap.

I have a huge box of old photos that I'm supposed to conquer before I leave. Ick. I mean, I'm okay with it in some ways - preserving this stuff, etc... But it's really freaking boring. I can't properly play FFTA, Klonoa, or Puzzle Fighter in between scans - it requires too much attention.

The hamburgers were... okay. I wasn't too impressed with the whole... ordeal. Relative's kid screamed the entire way back. Then we got trapped... no, nevermind. I really don't care to relate anything on that front. Family politics, leave it at that.

Finally got home, and kept scanning. Got through most of the queue Haha had put together earlier, but have this box sitting here full of stuff.

I'm supposed to do the fitting on the rest of the clothes I got for xmas, plus whatever else of Chichi's I'm interested in tomorrow.

Oh, and Haha gave me Chichi's wedding band. I'm wearing it. I don't care much for rings, but this feels right atm.

Headache still happens off and on. Tightness in my shoulders and back doesn't seem to go away but briefly.

I'm ready to have been home by now. This trip is much longer than I expected, in many ways.

I'm holding onto the thought that the hockey game tomorrow night is going to rock, and then I can deal until I leave early Mon morning. I may not sleep, since the flight is so early - sleeping on the plane makes the time go by SO much faster.

I miss Tiger and Enigma more than I thought I would. Most of the relatives have a pet or three, and being without mine is kinda strange.

I hope the new year does not bring the kind of crap I was dealing with last year.

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