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The Miracle of Survival

Survived another Gathering.

Small house, many relatives... Luckily, they have a backyard to escape to.

Some of the relatives took to playing a game called "ASS." I declined to join.

Finally had turkey, which wasn't that great really. I had heard it would be better. Didn't partake of the rest of the food, since it conflicts with my nutritional needs.

The most amusing part for me was a box of old photos that relatives were fawning over - I need to find a way to convine Haha that they need to sit down and scan them all... And then go through them with someone to label all the various people in them. I think the family would be happy if they all had copies, labeled - in a slideshow on CD or DVD. Think gifts next year kinda thing.

Finally left, and Haha is crashing. I may follow shortly, depends on if I can get ICQ going to chat with people or not.

Tomorrow, not much until dinnertime, when we're being taken out for some famous hamburgers.

New plan for Sat includes a dinner at a relative's place before the hockey game.

And Sunday appears to include a visit from relatives as well.

I'm about relatived out... really, no more please... I'm full.

Haha asked me as we were heading home if I liked family gatherings. Heh.

Headache still lingers, cough I obtained yesterday is still sporadic, stomach is kinda blah, but not too bad.

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