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Slept fairly well, for being drug-induced.

Got up in time for a relative to arrive, and then another to stress over every little detail until we opened presents.

I got a few new shirts and some pants for work, and a couple nicer tshirts. Also got some of those earmuffs like Morphine has - which I won't wear. Haha gave me a huge check, which really surprised me. Perhaps I'll afford that DVcam sooner than later after all.

Relatives seem to be starting to leave, and Haha is making the final bits for the next gathering later today. It's another big one, so here's hoping.

ICQ is being a pain, and I can log on. Dunno WTF is up with it, but it's annoying.

I suppose I'll go help them carry their plunder to the car and then veg, perhaps even shower. I've got things to try on so they can be taken back if a) I don't like them or b) they don't fit. So far, just the sweater I got last night and the earmuffs from today are the only items I'm expecting to return. The check definately fits.

I'm still a bit headachy and tense in the shoulders and neck.

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