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A Day Like Any Other

Slept in. Had a slow start to the day, all told.

Got up and out for Thai for dinner with Haha. Was decent, but... I was hoping for better - I'm spoiled with how good all the food is at home. Cute waitstaff, reminded me of a person who recently left work for some reason.

Came home and waded through the big bag o cables - complete mess. Spent quite awhile separating them in order to take stock, and the pitched a bunch out. Used some of the rest to hook up the entertainment center, and taught Haha some of how to do that. For some reason, the front speakers don't work.

Relatives came over for a short visit, then left.

I started reading some book that was lying around here, it's okay so far.

Trying to plan out more of the week - so many things going on.

Oh, and we're going to a hockey game on Sat, got decent cheap tickets in the front of the upper deck right on the center line.

Stomach finally feels betterish today, though head and body aches still linger a bit.

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