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I crashed hard, then got up and out for dinner. I was wrong, it wasn't a relative's place, it was a friend of Haha's.. Anyway.

We got there and sat for a bit before dinner. Some interesting people dropped by - they own a software company and seemed to be doing quite well with it. I may file that for later in case I get desperate for a job. They left for a party or something.

We ate steak. T-bones. Good. Mushroom, as well. There was otehr stuff, but I didn't partake, begging off on my diet as the reason - that's damn handy, I must say.

Watched Pirates of the Carribean. Eh, it was okay. I missed part of the beginning, and then there were some spoilers and loud conversations which made it hard to follow the plot as shown.

That done, we left. Not too bad an experience, really.

I'm still kinda blah though. Hopefully, I can sleep it off tonight.

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