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Still not feeling all that great. Played a bit of FFTA and Kolona on the GBA before crashing earlier. There were 2 phone calls for Haha during that time, so I'm glad I wasn't alseep yet.

Woke up to someone playing drums outside, then kids screaming. Managed to fall back asleep anyway.

Finally got up and showered, then had pork chop for dinner. Went through the drawer full of CDs and Zip disks for the computer, and started trying to separate them out into what Haha should keep/use, what I'd like to take back with me, and what should be tossed/donated/etc.

Had a snack and watched part of the hockey game, then went to install XP, since I thought I had everything backed up. Then, I realized that I didn't back up the dialup settings, so I canceled the install and rebooted into Me to get them. Of course, I decided to go ahead and dial in and check up on things just in case it took me longer than expected to get XP going.

I think I'm mostly caught up on the major things I wanted to be... There's plenty more to catch up on, but I'll leave it for now. I'm too impatient to deal with the dialup thing.

I suppose I'll restart the XP install and try to get it all going tonight before I crash... *yawn*

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