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Ahh, how wonderful to feel the pain of a full-fledged migraine. Not.

Didn't sleep well at all last night, and got moving early in order to get things done and make the trip. Managed it all. Oz left when I did.

Flights weren't too bad - Delta has a bit more class, but less legroom. I ate too many pretzels - whatever happened to peanuts?

I now know why they REALLY prohibit sharp objects on planes - I was about ready to slit the throats of approximately 7 people during my trip. The first 5 were kids and their mother/guardian - all seated int he row behind me. Yeah. The other 2 were this couple in front of me who didn't understand that my knees were touching the guy's seat - any move he made, I felt. Especially when he tried to tilt his seat back, crushing my knees and waking me up in the process. I couldn't get back to sleep, either. Fucker. And then the armrest - another knee crusher that he used to full effect, and then she followed with a shot of her own on my other knee. Actually, I could easily have slit 16 throats just to make sure no one around me would give me the slightest bother so I could get some sleep.

In any case, arrived blah blah blah. Haha picked me up, showed me the new condo, we ate, then I feel dead asleep for a few hours. I woke up a bit ago to get some water and a bit more food. I'll prolly try to catch up a bit before heading back to sleep.

Part of the fun was figuring out the password to this dialup account - I managed it after about a dozen tries - now I wonder what it ended up being? I already forgot.

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