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That's it

I went out to the old place. Got the nails and such outta the walls, got everything left into the front of the place, where it's easier to see and not forget. Dusted the walls and ceiling fan, and about passed out. I took another bit of stuff out to the car before calling it quits.

I forgot the mail and apt stuff, though... So I either have to go back out in a few hours, or tomorrow morning before the flight.

I wasn't up to unpacking it all out of the car, so I got the visibles and left most of the stuff in the trunk (some of which is still from the other day that I haven't gotten out yet).

Now, I think I'm going to down a glass of water and try to sleep whatever this is off. I'm going tomorrow, dammit.

Forgot to mention earlier than the washer got stuck in rinse and water flowed all night long - good thing I don't pay for water, eh?

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