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I'm not feeling well still. I'll prolly dig out clothes for today, shower, and head back to the old place to grab most of the last of the stuff and clean up a bit.

Slept kinda strange, was ok for a few hours here and there - and tossing and turning the rest.

Was gonna make some phone calls last night, but crashed before I could do so.

I'm pretty much out of breakfast stuff, which is okay since I don't want to have much around while I'm gone.

Enigma seems to have settled down a bit - I blocked the behind the couch hiding place, which forced him out elsewhere. I actually saw him at the top of the stairs sometime overnight, and I was able to spend a little quality time - although too much static.

The major tasks for the day are turning in the change of address, hold mail, and apartment condition forms in the daytime. The task for the night is getting packed for the trip. Eesh, my whole life for the past few days has been packing and unpacking.

Remind me to not eat at Lone Star. Ugh.

I've got some food at the old place that I plan to have for lunch, so I should get moving.

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