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Lucked Out

I stopped by Chinese on my way out and picked up my phone. Got my Quest Item - Shower Curtain from La Boutique De La Target and came back home to put it to good use. Of course, in order to finish the quest I had to dig out the correct box which actually contained the bathroom items and get the wossnames to put it on the rod. Shampoo and soap also helped make it a success.

Thus humanized, I set about trying to Get Stuff Done. Managed to dig out my digicam to take pics of the mess, and move this and that about and unpack and all that. I've got one desktop and the TV going, at least. Most of the kitchen items have been unpacked as well. Oz slept and/or vegged most of the day.

I then went out to pay my insurance and pick up the change of address form, both of which were relatively quick and painless. I headed back to the old place to take down decorations and packed another carload in. As I was bringing said items in, I saw my neighbor. To my surprise, it turned out to be a coworker. That was rather amusing. They asked if I needed any help moving, to which I politely declined. Then they asked if I'd heard the big news that Rodimus called me about yesterday, so we chatted a bit about that.

I'm realizing that this apt layout is not conducive to wall decorations.

Anyway, then vegged a bit to random TV and vegged on the computer for awhile. Called Haha back, then discussed dinner and such with Oz. As I told them I'd pay for gas, I owed them a bit, so we went out to Lone Star for dinner. We lucked out - they had some mix up with their wings, so they bought us a free appetizer each. That helped to bring the total down to a reasonable level. We still had quite a bit of food, which was all decent.

It's getting cold out there, I was chilled on the way back.

So now I may do a bit more organizing and such, perhaps start trying to dig out clothes to a) wash and b) pack, that sort of thing. Not sure, I've got a headache looming again... And I'm pretty beat still. I think Oz is going to leave tomorrow, and I'd like to have things in a decent state before my trip. I've still got a bit of work to do at the old place - I left all the nails and such in the walls along with the curtain rods and such. That'll have to wait for now, although I really want those curtains up here soon - the windows give off a huge chill that they'll help insulate against... Not to mention the light pollution.

I'm also thinking a baby gate for the top of the stairs would be handy, as my bedroom is either too warm when the vent is open or too cold when it is closed. Being able to keep the door open and the cats out would be handy to help regulate that.

The other major helpful item would be a computer desk - although I have yet to decide for sure about that. ATM, I'm going with my old standby of the monitor on the entertainment center - which works fairly well, but.. I dunno yet. The layout is hard to picture with all this crap in the way, so I'll wait for a bit and see what happens.

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