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About bloody time

I'm in for the night at last. There's a metric fuckload of stuff everywhere, I still need a shower curtain, and there's stuff left at the old place (mostly decorations), but I'm done for today.

Damn, what a long and exhausting day.

Oz and I did it all, and it went pretty well considering.

I like being able to take my time now and plan to make a few more trips to get the stuff and clean up, etc...

But first, I had to get online of course. Oz nabbed the networking stuff earlier, and the cable installers came to hook it up, so we're both on our laptops using the wireless lan now. Nice being able to relax at last.

I left my phone at Chinese earlier >_< ah well. No big deal, really. I don't think I'll be making/receiving any calls tonight anyway - if I do, there's the landline.

I also managed to get my bed set up, just gotta put sheets and such on it.

There's TP in the broom.

Enigma is freaking out, Tiger is exploring. They were both very good all day locked in the carrier, and didn't complain at all. They've got fresh litter (tho I haven't set the Littermaid up yet), food, and water so that's all good.

Guess I'll veg a bit and catch up before crashing hardcore. I'm beat.

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