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cable modem, baby!

I got cable modem! it works! after 2 hours of fiddling and dhcp being a bitch...

then I queued a few things up to run while I was out, and went to the storage shed to grab a few things, most notably my computer chair... it's the only chair here atm, and I'm not even using it yet...

maint guy is great, came right in to fix everything, tried to get it done ASAP, but apologized for the delays when he needed parts and such... but I now have hot water, the drawer now works, and my fridge will soon have those rails in the doors...

cable guy came and hooked up cable and modem...

after I got back from the shed, I realized that not only was I hungry, but I couldn't order in because I have no phone line yet... so the delivery person can't phone for me to pass them thru the gate /: so I went down 2 blocks to domino's... where I ordered my usual wings and breadsticks, added a 2-liter, and waited for 1/2 hour while they made them... and then I checked the breadsticks to be sure, and they have put all this crap on them, so I told the other guy, and he gave me the $3 for the breadsticks backa nd also made me new ones, correctly, I hope.. I didn't even check...

I could never work fast food, the noise in there would give me an instant headache every day..

anyways, I'm going to veg on the chair in front of the tv... if anyone bothers me, I'll just have to kill them.

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