Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu

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Going Away

I managed to spin my stuff at work to fill the whole day, which was nice.

Went to the going away lunch for one of the team leads.

Finally got out of there and went home to veg for a bit, then went out to dinner with Oz, Hunny, Morphine, and Rodimus. Thai, which was excellent as always, though the service wasn't quite there. I think we must have been there for 3+ hours.

Oz's car got stuck when we were trying to leave, but we got it out fairly quickly. Headed back to my place for some Karaoke Revolution and DDR.

Also got a nice gift from Hunny, which should keep me warm.

I'm beat, my eyes have been dry all day despite copious liquids and some drops.

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