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Had a coworker bring me back to my car over lunch, and we were going to use their tow rope. Then I noticed that someone had come along and put salt down by the tires and such - of course most of it was on the side that was already worn down to the ground, but still. So they pushed and we were able to rock it out finally. Went to Chinese for lunch after that.

Work, bleh. I missed a meeting that didn't really concern me anyway due to being out and there being an approximate 5 minute notice.

Decided to come home since we were delayed again. I was just walking out the door when a coworker came over and said another team was having some issues - I'm not fond of that team, nor my obligation to help them, but I went over anyway. I fixed their issue, somehow they had coded a wait where they shouldn't have. I went to leave, and this one person took the time to call out and say thanks - that's very atypical of them, as I have witnessed them unleash a shitstorm that would have downed many people.

Anyway, I get home and they're FINALLY plowing out in front of the garages.

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