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So I crashed pretty much right after work last night. Slept most of the night, it was sort of refreshing. Although, I wanted to get out of bed even less than usual.

Did my usual morning thing.

Went to leave for work, and eyed the snow pile in front of the garage speculatively. Decided to try it anyway. Heh.

I got the front wheels out of the garage and into the snow before they stopped completely. Tried to rock it back and forth - it didn't budge. Got out and tried to clear some of the snow away, tried again. Neighbor stopped by and asked if I wanted them to push, so I agreed. Didn't help. Then I went and tried to clear out the snow and such - driver's side was almost to concrete, so that was nice. The passenger side, however, was solid ice - and not just under, but in front and behind as well. Neighbor offered me a ride into work, which I accepted.

So my car is still half way out of the garage and into the street. I'm going to have a coworker drive me home over lunch and try to get my car out. It's just a pain, I think I'm going to have to call the apt office and let them know what idiots their snow plow people are - this is the first time I haven't been able to get out of my garage in the 3 years I've lived there.

Oh, and I forgot my snacks to boot.

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