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Coaching Opportunity

I managed through work rather well, I thought. There was a brief time there in the afternoon where I almost passed out at my desk, but that's it. Morning was pretty bland, issues per normal, let other people resolve them.

The afternoon is where it got interesting, though. The boss came by and asked "If we could talk." Heh. So we went to a conference room where they stated that they notice I hadn't been "stepping up" as much as I used to before they took over the team. I replied that I didn't understand what they meant, so I didn't see an issue. They mentioned that they expected me to be helping my teammates, and they didn't see me doing that. I replied that I didn't see that, either. They tried again a few more times before I decided to clear it up. I stated that, each morning, I always go over to visit my coworker first thing and ask if they needed any help. Then I mentioned that perhaps the boss wasn't aware of that, because they weren't there. That pretty much seemed to end it. Now, the whole time I was thinking "Oh, you mean killing myself by sacrificing my personal time and health because people are idiots - that's what you mean by stepping up'... right. I won't be doing any more of that." I also said I was burned out and that my upcoming vacation would probably help that.

So, crisis averted, I went back to my desk. This is the part where I nearly passed out.

I was early, but I suspected that the team lead that is leaving was probably at their desk and unoccupied, so I went over with my review paperwork. It was rather amusing, as this is their last week. They were pretty cheery and flippant, which was nice. In any case, my review was done with lots of fun. Then they asked about what I was thinking for the future, and which point I handed over the freshly-printed copy of my resume I had prepared. Smart me. Anyways, they were glad to hear I had been thinking of going elsewhere and all that.

So then I left work. Came home to feed the cats, eat, and sleep.

I'm feeling a bit better now.. or I was, at least. I believe I'm starting to wind down again now.

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