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As can be expected, nothing much got done the previous night. Nothing was working all morning, and I pretty much just bided my time until lunch. There was a potluck food thing which I had no interest in, and my diet as a convenient excuse for missing. I headed home for lunch and vegged a bit.

The next event of the day was a "team builder" at the local bowling alley. Now, keeping in mind the previous day's events, there was not a single soul looking forward to it.

I arrived a bit early, and found a few coworkers already started on their first pitcher of cheap beer. We chatted for awhile before anyone else came in. They related a story in which the boss and RunningBear were at the potluck, and the boss was mentioning how they were heading home to change. RunningBear's comment was "What, into a good manager?" Wow. Evidently, everyone was in shock at that. The cover was "Oh, I'm only kidding" but everyone identified with the sentiment.

Finally, people started showing up and we started bowling. I did horribly the first game. Hawkwind ended up winning it, even though they didn't hit a single pin the first four throws... Amazing. I got into the groove a bit better for the second game, and ended up with a 156 or so, a torn thumbnail, and a sore wrist.

Some of us then broke off for the indoor minigolf thing. It was one of the most boring courses I'd ever played - a complete lack of imagination and design skill combined with poor lighting and atmosphere. I didn't do too too bad, placing in the top half of scores across both groups as I recall.

Then everyone split.

There were some fun moments, and the boss wasn't around most of the time - a very positive thing.

As per recent formula, I napped as soon as I had food. The remainder of the evening was spent vegging and such.

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