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fucking never enough for you fuckers is it?

so after I did my part for the team and stayed on the phone for 4 hours, I slept

got up and wandered in to work.

had a bunch of stuff to get done. all due tonight/tomorrow.


so I start into it. shit doesn't work.

I'm waiting for a callback to see if I'm supposed to open a ticket, then the boss comes in and says there's a meeting in 5. great. get to the meeting in 5 - they already announced it, one of the leads is leaving. good for them. then the boss tries to make small talk and such, and it's all I can do to not be abrupt and get back to getting things done. finally, I just wander out.

get the ticket created, talk to my boss/lead and tell them that I've got a migraine, nothing is working, a ticket is open, and I'm not going to work tonight on it. It's not going to be done by tomorrow morning.

so I leave, get home, and am just starting to relax... and the boss/lead calls and asks if it's going to be done tomorrow morning. I get real pissed real quick. I don't think I yelled. Quite. "I'm not working tonight. I have a migraine, I'm not working tonight." they say something to the effect of how they wanted it to be done by the morning, then seem to give up and say they'll just tell the boss it won't be done.

So here's my deal: I worked last night without complaint when I was called. It fucked up my sleep schedule and eating schedule horribly. I worked my 8 hours today. Shit wasn't working today. Therefore, I will not be responsible for someone else's lack of planning or competence. I thought I did well to do what I did accomplish today, so fuck off.

Now I'm going to have something to eat and drug myself to sleep until the morning.

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