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Why oh WHY do I let this happen?

Unthinkingly, I answered the phone. Bad move, eh?

I just said, I wasn't thinking.

Who the fuck would call me at this hour from a number not already programmed into my phone?

My boss, of course.

They asked me to take over for a teammate who has been working since 7am, since they needed to get something to eat and some sleep. Fuck. They asked nicely. Fuck. So I agreed. Fuck me.

So I rebooted the stupid laptop, plugged the shite in, and logged on. Made sure before they left that I had everything to do something, in case there was something to do. Not Bloody Likely. Agreed to call them when I was ready to crash so they could take over again.

And now I'm sitting on this damn call, in the middle of the night, waiting.

Guess it was a good thing I took a nap earlier.

Damn phones - this is why I turned them off when going to sleep. It hasn't happened in awhile, so I let my guard down. Dammit. Yes, it's my own damn fault. Stupid team loyalty bullshit, helping out a coworker and all that. The problem is the stupid situation from on high - if they're trying to burn people out, they're doing a damn fine job of it.

Just a few more days, that's all I have to survive - a few more days, then I can go on my vacation for the rest of the year and try to recover sanity.

I had confirmation earlier that my principles are more important to me than money or status - so true. I'd much rather leave this job than be taken advantage of. Truthfully, I have enough toys to last me awhile - as long as I can pay rent and eat, I'm good.

Yet another instance where I want to stop being a wage slave and do something else in life - like live it.

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