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I may have worked up enough energy, or motivation, to do some Daily DDR.

I'm not feeling it, but I may go ahead and try anyways. I probably won't feel much worse, and the shower after will most likely make me feel much better.

It comes down to being on a screwy schedule, not getting enough sleep (hello, insomnia, haven't seen you in awhile -- how ya been?), and letting work get to me. I really should endeavor to prevent such mishaps in the future. Short as it is, really. One of the items of note from a meeting today is that my job will most likely be outsourced by the middle of next year. At least the big guns are into truth telling this week, which is a nice change. In some ways.

My attempts today to schedule the changeover for phone and electric were foiled today. The IVR dropped me, and the website wouldn't load all the pages. Joy. I did receive aural confirmation that my application for the new apt was approved, and the move in date is set. No word on the amount due on day 1, though.

I have spent entirely too long sorting/organizing files/folders on my desktop machines. I had to, though - I'm hopelessly addicted to information. I MUST KEEP IT ALL. I rediscovered the newsgroups. I also discovered the joys of the bandwidth-eating bittorrent. And let's not mention the other methods of information gathering I use. So yes, my hard drives were nearing critical levels of usage. It's a bit better now - I realized I had coped around 100Gigs to my RAID array in preparation of burning to DVD - and then left the source files on another drive as well. Bam! Instant cleanup.

No, I haven't worked on THE DVD in a few days. I'm running out of time, I know this. I also haven't worked on all the crap crammed into my room - then again, I have time for that.

So, yeah. AFK to DDR for a bit, then hopefully some light chatting and such until crashtime. I believe I should attempt it early tonight.

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