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I so rock under pressure

Well, let's see... I forget wher emy last entry left off.. hmm, I think it was on tues before I left... Yeah, I seem to remember something about computer disassembly...

So I'm out here, the drive out sucked hard. My legs weren't recovered from dancing yet, and I spent 2 hours packing the car for the trip. Although this time, at least, I left myself enough room to move my arms and see out the mirrors... Only stopped once, 1/2 way. Faze didn't answer when I called, so no visit there. Got in, ate Chinese at the world's best restaurant, and everyone was happy to see me. Those guys are great, they're happy for me to be back. Hmm, then went shopping with Rodimus and S (who I also had dinner with), then back to their place. I unloaded the car myself, then dragged everything up into their spare room. Crashed hard, I was so exhausted and sore.

Woke up in plenty of time to get ready for the big day of apt searching. Managed to make the first one on time, but damn. They wanted over $1000 for a 1 bedroom that really wasn't all that in terms of space. Oh sure, it had fancy moulding and brand new top-of-the-line appliances... But it was also across the street from the hospital's emergency room. And as everyone knows, the 3 most important things in real estate are location, location, and location. There was no way in hell. Still, I was nice about it and took the application.

Next we had a place that was okay, but no appealing overall. Everything was rather average, and didn't excite me at all. Then I had a bit of a break since I got through it early, so I called Rodimus and we had a quick lunch. Then I went off to the first of the apts that I seriously considered. It was off of a golf course, they had a huge number of specials going on that totaled over $1000. Pretty nice inside, the only drawback was the gawdawful stucco patio enclosure on the ground floor, or tiny balcony on the upper floor. Oh, and the garages were a bit far away. Still, that was the first one that really struck me.

Then I went to the one I had thought I'd want, according to the brochure. And I ended up wanting more than just the apt. The person who was talking with me was aweseome - almost as tall as me, fashionable, cute, and single. The apt wasn't bad, either. And their enthusiasm in showing me that particular model over the one I wanted was infectuous. They also worked pretty hard to see if there was any way I could live on the property until the apt model I wanted was available later this month. They also let me "wander" into the model I wanted that was still being constructed. I left with VERY good vibes from there...

Then the final place. It was very nice, even if it was 15 years old. It's right across the street from CompUSA, Best Buy, Walmart, and J. Alexander's... Can't beat that. The rental person was a bit abrupt when I showed up early while they were busy doing other things, but soon loosened up and was joking and laughing with me. The apts have a strange angled design, which does open up the rooms a bit, but.. They didn't have the model I wanted available to show, although it would be ready by the weekend.

So I sat for awhile, gave Haha a ring, and worked out the numbers. They were all about the same price, after all the deals that were being offered. So, that being the case, I of course decided to go with the one I originally wanted.. They have monthly events, including free food and drinks.. And all the office people come to them, as well <;

I stopped by my bank to get a money order, since I had stupidly left my checkbook at Rodimus' place, which was 1/2 hour away. I went back to flirt, er... sign up for the apt. It's supposed to be ready by Fri. I hope so. Actually, it's ready, but they have this application process to go through, and sometimes it takes a bit to get the info back.

So I called Two Guys and a Truck to move my storage shed stuff into the apt on Sat. I figure I can vacate Rodimus' place on fri, since it seems as if he wants me out of here ASAP. Then I just have a short drive early sat morn over to U-Haul to get my smal boxes and such out and into my car before the movers come to get the heavy bulky stuff. I hope it doesn't cost more than $200 or so... It's $70/hr + other charges. So about 2 hours hopefully. It took Jingoro and I something like 6 or 8 hours to get all the stuff in there in the first place, but there were other factors involved in that.

I was looking at my offer letter a bit more closely, and talking to Rodimus, I think they really screwed up ever more than I initially thought. They have me marked as being in "Administration" instead of "IT"... And the building listed isn't the ony Rayman works in, and I know I'll be working with him...

And I found out the big thing that Running Bear called about. He's trying to assemble a new team and lab, something like the one we used to have. He want all the people that were in there before in on the project, but he wants to set it up at a higher level so that we'll all be managers, and rotate duties and such... It sounds really nice. I have to stay in my new position for 6 months I think before I'm eligible for transfer/promotion. That's about the timeframe they need to set up the lab, I believe. so I'll be able to come in right on time if it happens. That would be sooo wonderful.

Hmmm, what else. Junkyard Wars was on last night, that was fun to watch again. Although I missed the submarines /: Rodimus and S wanted to watcch South Park and that new adult cartoon thingy, which happened to coincide with the episode Iw anted to watch. Oh well. Hopefully by next week I'll have cable and cable modem and all that so I can do what I want. Which is something I'm sorely missing at this point.

I'm actually wondering if I want to persue this apt person or not. I mean, it would be great if it worked into something, but I really need some solitude time. I know myself well enough to see the danger in trying to start a relationship before I've had adequate time to recover from nearly 9 months of dealing with chichi and haha on a daily basis.

Then again, it'd be nice to have new friends to hang out and go places with. So we'll just have to see. It could be that I'm totally off, and they were just being friendly and salespersonlike. Sometimes, I can't read the signals right.

In any case, I need to get ready to go to lunch with Rodimus and L... And we saw the other L at lunch yesterday, so it's pretty kewl that I've already seen about everyone I really wanted to.

Don't know when my next update will be, my computer is still not together, and I don't have dialup access anyways.

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