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Another day, another DDR party....

So I'm having the DDR folks over tonight... in about an hour... 'til who knows when.

Cleaned the place up - turns out I had plenty of time to stash stuff in my room like I wanted to.. tho not the time to box it up completely.

I've got almost everything ready at this point.. I'll prolly go over some stuff with those bleach rag thingies, then hit the shower.

As soon as the first people show up, I'm bringing down the laptop and stowing it in my room for safety.

Amazing what the place looks like when all the crap I normally have lying around isn't. I've got lots more room with the bookshelves and such outta the way. And surfaces! Soo many surfaces to place things....

There's going to be much DDR and even some PPP and IIDX going on... And someone's bringing a Cobalt Flux... Not to mention at least 1 import PS2 and a second TV... Yeah, this should rock muchly.

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