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So I've done a whole lot of nothing today.... nothing much at all.

Didn't shower, barely got dressed (and only because it was a bit chilly)... didn't leave the apt.

Watched Bulletproof Monk... it was okay.... There were some really good parts, but I did not like the style of the fight scenes - there was no sense of them being a continuous shot - more like a montage from different takes. All broken up, they didn't flow. They said in the extras that they were shooting for more subtle effects, but I didn't think they were subtle at all. Ah well. I'm gonna have to look up the female lead....

Went to watch The Office, but decided that I'm not quite in the mood for it.

Hmmm.... yeah, just vegging and more vegging.

Oh yeah, had an awesome meal last night - went for teppanyaki... I tried the Sea Bass and Filet Mignon.. Really good stuff, and had some Yakitori as well. I forgot to get Edamame though.

Had leftovers for my big meal of the day.

Haha called kinda early.

Chatted a bit with Shaden.

Cuddled up with Tiger.


rough day.

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