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Premiere - wth?

So I'm attempting to edit footage in Premiere... I've got 2 VHS tapes I vidcapped at DVD res that are source. What the hell is taking Premiere so long? I can't play the timeline without it being laggy frame-wise and the audio is all off sync as well. I don't see where you can turn off the audio scrub, which is usually really annoying when you're hunting for the right frame. Rendering 10 minutes of video to preview it takes over an hour....

Why do people use this again?

Of course, then I try out ULead Video Studio on a recommendation - I can't even begin to relate my issues with that... Let's just say it's not my style and leave it at that.

I'm used to a quality Avid system, where you can preview realtime without frameskips and audio sync problems. I'm used to that interface, which is much more Premiere-like.

But I haven't done editing in years... perhaps I'm just not recalling the pain and suffering I went through then.... It's just that I can't imagine Premier on my new system being worse than that Avid system I used what, 6 years ago? With all the advances in technology... And this system I have pretty much rocks hardcore.... Frustrating.

So yeah.... I'm about 10 mins in on the Chichi vid. I've got 2 ideas going - one is what I can get done before I leave for Xmas... The other is some longer-term refinements.

I've also gotta dig out all those photos and figure out how to create a slideshow on DVD with stills like that.

And I'm running out of time - I'll need to get moving on it this week around my continuing moving prep work. It's just ... painful....

On the upside, there's some really funny stuff on there, which is exactly what I wanted to find. Gotta pull those humor moments out. Most of the first tape is them at dinner, with horrible audio and very dim video. Most of the second tape is them at Karaoke, with I think some better audio (especially when they're on the mic) but iffy video due it being dark and having a bright TV in frame most of the time. So the gems are really at the front of the first tape, which I'm about half done with, and the end of the second tape - which I'm probably going to save 'til the end, as it contains a very touching farewell speech... as well as the hilarious man on the street interviews. I'm missing the Mt Fuji and nun footage, which I'll probably just save room somewhere to add in later.

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