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Well, that was interesting

So I logged on for the SSX3 DevTeam thing.... I managed to win against 4 developers, but lost to 2. One of them designed the track we played on, so no big surprise there... The other one, I could have beat had I not screwed up royally in the process. Ah well.

It was kind of frustrating since some of them would just take challenges, some would only play certain events, and others wanted PMs first.... not very organized. One was on a modem, or otherwise had horrible lag... And only one or two had a mic, which sucked... I was looking forward to chatting with them a bit more.

Finished the night by completely 0wning some player from Toronto (who is getting a job with Silicon Knights) 3 games in a row. That brightened things considerably.

Somehow, during the past week where I haven't played much, my rank dropped by something like 400-500 points. I recovered a hundred or so, but I'm only 900 or so atm. Need to work on that.

Haven't had much to do for work.... I sent most of the stuff back to someone else to redo since they didn't follow instructions the first time... then the other person I'm sharing the tasks with went and did the rest, and everything is currently down, so....

Not surprising, really. It's how things work (or don't work, really) there... sad, really.

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