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Throw Me and All My Shit off of the Balcony

... please.

I'm in a mood.

I'm completely astounded with the BS going on at work.


I'm of a mind to quit. If I got a storage shed for all my crap, I could exist for quite awhile... Especially if I could figure out a way to 'live' there. Or I could just sell it all and go that way.

The highlight of my day so far was paying bills and calling various places with questions about charges and the reason my online account wasn't working.

Oh, and FFTA I suppose.

There was this huge (as in, amount of stress.. .not too too many people in it) meeting that I wasn't invited to until after it started.... I was at home at the time, to boot. Completely and utterly stupid. "Uh yeah, we know we changed pretty much everything about what we wanted you to do for these tests... so when can you have everything redone from scratch and ready to go?" BAH.

So I'll prolly be working this weekend. And switching to nights, as well. And may have to work Tday weekend. BAH.

I'm just in an... unsatisfied... mode. Restless and all.

I don't know that I want to sign a year lease after all. There's rumors of goings-on the 1st of the year.

Oh, and the doc....

Basically, I've got 3 months to bring my cholesterol and blood sugar under control. If I don't, I go on meds.. .for life. That hit me pretty hard, as I'm loathe to take meds on a daily basis. Hell, I hate taking the vitamin, fish oil, and aspirin each day I'm supposed to already.

I lost more weight.

Blood pressure was good.

They took blood, but no results yet.

I'm having a hard time concentrating on anything lately. FFTA is about it.... I haven't even played SSX3 or anything in awhile.

Looks like I'm almost back to bottoming out mode again.... however, I really have some things to get done... So I'll just have to find the motivation somewhere.

Somehow, I actually have been mostly on the exercise thing.... I really need to have a good 3 months of that to jumpstart my system to normality for the next round.

There have been those moments when something clicks, a friend's post makes me smile, etc... sadly, the positive emotions fade rather quickly of late.

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