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Got all Thaied up last night... Decided to go for catfish in basil sauce, which is not only quite a departure from my standard faire, but was excellent to boot. It really hit the spot. Socialized with Rodimus, Hunny, and Morphine for quite awhile before we split.

Played a bit of SSX3, had a couple matches with the headphone active - kinda neat... but people aren't talking too much when they're trying to concentrate on doing tricks and such. Got 3 more wins to my record, which isn't bad at all. Another disconnect, which irritated me - but again I got the win, so.. their loss.

Chatted a bit, then decided to crash early... ended up sleeping pretty well, tho I woke up entirely too early. I poked around a bit, cuddled with Tiger, then went back to bed.

Got up again... decided to shower and start the day this time. Had lunch and played some SCII... I'm getting closer to the end of the first Weapons Master set of stages, and have lots of weapons to choose from for most of the characters. I got annoyed so I shut it off for now.

I'm not sure what I'm doing today, just lazing I guess. There's some rearranging/cleaning up/packing and such I don't know if I'll get to.. I have to recap the Chichi tapes because I keep forgetting you have to explicitly record audio in the app I used... I'll prolly just go back to the other app and bump the quality up a bit instead.

But I seemed to have avoided a migraine so far, which is nice... tho I'm feeling a little.. blah...

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