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Ahh Hockey

Lesse... did laundry... Did 2 vidcaps so far - one at default resolution of the tape I keep using to see if its working, which worked so I went ahead and ran it through DVD Lab and burned the DVD - of course the damn transparency on the buttons didn't work right, but oh well. I finally have the DVD done. The other one that's currently processing is the first of the two tape of Chichi family friends sent me awhile back. I capped it in an insane resolution, which serves me right - this render is taking forever. Oh well, I wanted the best possible quality, considering the iffy source. I have another tape to cap tonight so I can start trying to figure out what I'm going to do with the footage sometime this week - I have a personal deadline of the end of the month to at least have a rough edit and such going.... I'd also like to put a slideshow of all those pics I scanned in on it as well. I'm not sure how many copies I'll need, but I'm betting quite a few. I'll probably go all the way and do labels and cases as well, making it a nice memorial/xmas gift.

Got further in SSX3, got further in SCII - finally got Extra Versus mode, and nearing the end of the first pass through the locations. Have about the first 3 stores worth of weapons purchased, for variety. I'm using Charade to ensure weapons stay cheap, but it's a challenge to use some of the non-familiar characters.

Did Daily DDR - I finally unlocked endless mode, Played for about an hour, but wasn't feeling it. Measly 751 max combo, and I was off on some slow/favorite songs. Ah well, got the exercise in at least. Showered, now I'm vegging.

Hockey is on, and I'm craving a beer.... I've still got Guinness in the fridge, but I haven't really wanted to drink much of late. Kinda wanna keep offa that until at least after the next doc appt... which is sometime in the next week or two, I think.

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