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I keep meaning to post on here... and then I get distracted by something.

Work, in a word: sucked. Although I suppose it was nice that I kept busy and the day went by a bit faster... afternoon, rather.

Did a bit more classwork, and I'm almost done with it... 2 more exercises and I have to redo 1 of the earlier ones to figure out what went wrong with it.

Forgot my snack bars, which sucked.

I left early for lunch, and stopped by BB for a PS2 Network Adapter and a second memcard. Went home, installed the adapter, and got online with SSX3 - though I couldn't find anyone willing to do a quick SuperPipe or Big Air with me.

Went to Chinese after that, and then back to work - made pretty good time for all that, really.

Then, the suckage. I decided to go ahead and try to see what was working, maybe knock out a little thing I had left to do... and nothing was working right, really. Oh, it would for about 5 seconds at a time, then it all went funky again. I started getting into trying to get the stuff resolved, then we had a conference call... and I about went to hunt someone down and strangle them.

Logic and reality just don't affect these people... It's sad, really.

Anyway, I went back to working and eventually calmed down and found my "Who the fuck cares?" attitude.

Turned the current crap over to a cokworker and headed home. Logged onto work, and started playing SOCOM for a bit. Idiot cheaters ruined the first room I went in, and so I left and did a single player mission. Decided to switch over to Soul Calibur II once I started getting motion sick. Eventually, I got the dreaded email and had to log on and work... only things were fixed and working, so I just had to tell the idiots that it was working and log off for the night. Joy.

Went back to SCII for a bit... then switched to my Daily DDR on MAX2. Did okay - I had a little b out with my ankle acting up, then it settled down. I did stretch and such beforehand, so I hope that worked to prevent the pain.

Now I'm just having a quick study before I shower and then call RedneckNinja to do some SOCOM.

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