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Rough Night on the Road

Angel came and we traded the last of the stuff of each other's.

After they left, I realized just how little I wanted to stay in town - between recent events there and work, it was driving me quite mad.

So I packed, got the kitties set up, took the trash out, fueled the car up, dropped my key off to the fab people petsitting, and left.

I made it pretty far before lack of sleep and the early start to the day settled in. When I realized I was waking up while still driving, I went and found a place to crash for a bit.

Woke back up and made it nearly there before I had to crash again briefly. Got back on the road and met up with Ankh, who gave me written directions to their place on their way to work. Found it, crashed.

Had to get up not too long after that to head to Jingoro's to get online for the class. Got that done, now I'm just hanging with Craig until lunchtime with Beldurin.

I did see the northern lights for awhile, which was neat... I heard later that it was a solar storm/flare/etc.

Hmm, there was something else, but... I'm pretty zoned. Tho I'm glad it's over and I'm here hanging with my peeps.

Oh yeah, I uh... forgot to.. uh.. pack... everything I needed... Gonna need to hit the store or commando it.

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