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I keep having insightful, meaningful entries... in my head... and then, I forget to write them.

I'm beat. 3 days in a row of apt hunting.... Narrowed it down to three or so, at least. Hunny went with me yesterday for the 2nd opinion and such.

I want the condo, really. I'm not sure that it is practical, though.

There's another place that is nicer than my current one for about the same price...

And then, there's a cheap option... nice enough, but ... cheap.

I have been doing daily DDR... tho I feel I've been letting myself down by not keeping up the packing quota. Been taking naps and not sleeping well, and generally getting all off kilter.

Training is okay... I'm having a hard time focusing on it, though.

Work is just stupid situation after stupid situation... It's really comical and sad, in many ways.... the stupid shit that people get away with in a large corporation.

My feet hurt, and the rest of me is pretty much sore.

Crashtime soon, I hope.

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