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Who the HELL put MUSHROOMS in my Kung PAO!?!?!?!?


Rough day.

Work was uninteresting. I put all the rents and such into a spreadsheet for comparison.

I went to Chinese for a quick lunch, and the waitperson was trying to be nice and helpful by adding the mushrooms to my order for Kung Pao... Except I only get extra mushrooms in my Hunan... It was interesting, and I've often thought of trying it, but... umm.. no.

Then I headed out and got 3 more apartment complexes viewed over lunch. Did a bit with the spreadsheet updates on those, and then left.

Picked up Ash, dropped them off at Angel's place.

Picked up Rodimus and went back to the Condo place to look, since they're also starting to look. We agree that that is THE nicest place, and we'd both like to live there. Just trying to figure out how to get there with the $ on hand, and whether to rent or buy. We also went to another place that had been closed yesterday, and... eh. Didn't do too much for either of us.

Dropped them off, and headed over to the last 2 places I wanted to get to - 1 of which I had previously lived in.

Got home a bit later than I expected, and was getting ... something.. from not having eaten on time.

I may take a short nap before Daily DDR... then get packing to maintain quota.

One of the damn apartments has a 24 hour deal, can save some decent $ by getting back to them... lotta decisions to be made in that time, not sure i'm gonna make it.. or even if they're in the running.

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