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Yeah.. my dishwasher decided to help me out last night by cleaning the floor....

I've set myself on a pace of packing at least 2 boxes of crap per night. 2 nights so far, 4 boxes of books and such packed. Go me.

Also been doing some more general cleaning and such... Have a pile to take out in a few. Not to mention reclaiming my garage from the stuff that's in there.

Been tired of late - still not sleeping well. Have this nasty habit of waking up around 6am and not being able to get back to sleep.

Today at work, meetings. Tomorrow at work, meetings. Bleh. At least I start my training next week, so I can finally get that damn certification.

Been doing okay diet-wise. Okay exercise-wise, tho I really should get back into the daily DDR thing.


yeah, that's about it.

I had something deep, insightful, and meaningful to post this morning... then I forgot to post, and now it's gone.

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