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Back from Karate

The weekend sucked... WAY overdid it trying to move Angel. I thought I was a packrat.. I'm outclassed.

I don't know how many meals and snacks and vitamin/fish oil pills I missed.

6am to 1am for 3 days straight. I forgot I had so many muscles.


Humor: I went to Chinese for dinner while the others were having pizza... The waitstaff asked me if I had just finished with Karate or something.

Humor: These people wandered into my garage sale, and they looked 100% Amish.... then I saw the Cell Phone prominently displayed on the hip... and the bigass truck they got in to drive off...


I'm still beat, tho I'm not quite as worried about my health as I was on Sat... I seem to be recovering instead of getting even more ill.

Of course, this means I have proper motivation to get all my stuff sorted, packed, and ready for Two Men And A Truck when I next move.

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