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Intro ... Speculative

Something has a hold on my brain. It seems to be filtering everything that comes in, making it fuzzy.

I did some work on my performance review thingy... Actually got on task and.. er... whipped it out. I'm surprised I was able to do that.. although most of it was copy/paste from the last one.

Ankh called last night to chat for a bit... seems their b-day went mostly well. We talked relatioship issues, among other things. Kinda strange, I dunno... different tone. I pretty much fell asleep on the phone, so they called it.

Not sure why I was so tired yesterday - I thought it was the lack of sleep, but.. today seems to be more of the same. Perhaps it's the next stage of this virus or whatever I've had for awhile now.

I'm feeling better in some ways, at least. Prolly a combination of diet and getting somewhat over the plague... Relationship being back on track might help as well.

Work is a problem, though. I'm completely unmotivated. Finding it hard to concentrate on anything now that I have a bit of downtime. Kind of like earlier this year... We'll see if I can get back in gear like I did before.

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