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I don't know what it was, maybe the fact that the stress of the job hunt is gone..... But tonight was great.

I wanted to go out with Bob, Sabs, and M to see Johnny Socko, but I had a headache. SO, when Bob called, I tried half-heartedly to bail. Thankfully, I got the good advice to take an aspirin and lie down in the dark and relax a bit. That fixed the headache, and I was able to go and have a great time.

We got there kinda late, and we only caught a song and a half of their first set. Then the band took a "short break" of quite a long time, although I don't know that anyone had a watch to keep track of precisely how long it was.

Everyone was looking good - Bob, Sabs, M, the other dancers, the band... I don't know what it was at all, but I was enjoying every minute.

They started up again finally, and we danced and danced and danced and sang along and had a really great time. They really rock live.

The ride home was pseudo-karaoke, Bob kept suddenly muting the songs when we were all singing the chorus.

And now I"m back home, smelling all smoky and sweaty, but happy. I need to crash, badly.

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